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Early Days of the West
​Item #E101 - Reminiscences of Early Days - Vol.I
Wondrous stories of the discovery of gold in the Snake River
Valley and it's effect on the early settlement. The author tells
of theft of a young child by Indians, the coming of the rail-
road to the valley, opening of the Rock Creek Store in 1865.
Walgamott                                                                        $12.95

Item #E102 - Reminiscences of Early Days - Vol.II
A series of historical sketches and happenings in the early days
of Snake River Valley, now known as Magic Valley. Stories
about Diamond Field Jack, the massacre at Amo Creek, the
building of Desert Station and many other stories of early days.
Walgamott                                                                        $12.95

Item #103 - Excerpts From Six Decades Back
Fascinating Stories of gunmen dying with their boots on, the
Robbery of Rock Creek store, the Muldoon Mine, the biography
of Johnny Collins, and many others. The history of the Old 
West comes to life in these poignant tales.
Walgamott                                                                        $7.95

Item #104 - The Legend of Redfish Lake
This book is an excerpt from another Walgamott book but since
the lake is in the Salmon River area deserves separation from
Snake River treatment. In any case, however, words can hardly
describe the beauty of Redfish Lake. This is an excellent story.
Walgamott                                                                        $3.95

Item #E106 - Cookbook of 1908
A wealth of information fro the long-ago age of week-stove,
Dutch oven and even open-fire cooking. Many of these tips 
could be used by present-day cooks. Some readers will recall
some of these early-day recipes. Mouth-watering!
Duard Lawley                                                                      $4.95

Item #E112 – Up On The Mountain
This book is a collection of memories of “Grandma” Susan
Lawley, a one-half Cherokee Indian, and her life in Oklahoma
Indian Territory in Pre-statehood Oklahoma. She was a true
pioneer, suited for the times. Fascinating stories of her recipes
and routines of life.
Margret Cain                                                                        $7.95