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Item #B101 –- The Simple Tax
A 250M personal exemption for everyone, 500M per family,
a 20% flat tax on corporations and families over 500M. A 1% 
transaction tax on all, collected by the bank computers. No 
returns for most. Everyone should have this book!
Duard Lawley - 2011 - 45 Pgs. - 8.5x11                                   $4.95

Item #B102 - The Tax Trap
Further promotes the national sales/transaction tax. Gives many 
advantages of the UTT (Universal Transaction Tax) and gives a
number of problems that would be solved by adoption of the new
tax system. The reader will be impressed with the down-to-
earth solutions the UTT tax solves for the taxpayer.
Duard Lawley - 2007 - 32 Pgs. - 8.5x11                                   $3.95

Item #B103 – Tycoon – How to Take Over a Business
Every budding entrepreneur should have a copy of this little
book. Has a wealth of information and little tidbits of almost
secret information for the person who wants to get away from 
being an underling and wants to be the boss-man. Helpful.
Duard Lawley- 2007 - 32 Pgs. - 8.5x11                                     $5.95  

​Item #B106 - Marketing and Business Plan 
​This marketing and business plan outline leads you through the 
sometimes complex routes to obtain bank credit, business loans,
stock offerings and general business planning situations. Many
a business can turn a business into a bonanza wit a new plan.
Duard Lawley - 1985 - 8.5x11                                                   $6.95

Item #B108 – e-value – biz – Business Valuation 
computer program
What is your business worth? This simple computerized
system gives you a reasonable estimate quickly without
your paying high fees. It can be used almost as a digital
game if you play “What if?” games for business planning.
Duard Lawley - 2006 - 11 Pgs. - 8.5x11                                   $6.95

Item #B115    -    Common Sense Tax Reform
This book promotes the idea of a national sales/transaction
tax.  This tax would have a rate of 1% and would be 
imposed on every financial transaction in the U.S. It would be
paid by the "buyer" and collected by the "seller", who would 
then deposit the tax directly into the government's bank account.
Duard Lawley - 2007 - 44 pages - 8.5x11                                $4.95